The Bacon Weave

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Oh the tangled bacon we weave.

My dear Fatties, during my Pinterest travels (which are thorough and far reaching) I happened across a phenomena known as ‘the Bacon Weave’. Now I know your taste buds instantly perked up and alerted your salivary glands, just as the buds of any self-respecting junk food enthusiast should at the mere mention of bacon.

The bacon weave consists of bacon rashers interwoven and then either fried, deep fried or baked in order to provide a woven mat of bacon.

Even though at Fat Boy Food we always advocate for the use of the deep fryer over all other cooking methods, I, as a matter of self-prohibition, have not allowed myself to purchase a deep fryer. This is because I have less than zero self-control at the hands of tasty morsels of deep fried goodness. Consequently, for the purpose of this exercise I have elected to barbecue my bacon weave.

For those of you unfamiliar with the bacon weave, the technique is of a highly adaptable nature: Its uses range from extending bacon coverage on the humble burger or a mouth-watering wrap for your roast meat of choice. All the way to innovative ideas like replacing bread in a sandwich, and my personal favourite: the bacon weave taco.

As many of you that are reading this have likely already thought when you first saw the picture – ‘this looks so American!’ I know, I know, my Fatties, and that very thought almost put me off this whole idea in the first place. Fear not, however, as I decree bacon to be of universal deliciousness (and anyway I contacted some friends from the good old land-of-the-free to see whether this bacon bastardisation is a regular ‘merican delicacy, or whether it is simply a method generating a butt-load of Pinterest hits. They informed me that it is indeed the latter, therefore if you are considering following in our heavy footsteps and recreating this for yourself you can rest assured that you are safe from Yankee food cliché-judgement). 

Before you even start, make sure you are weaving your bacon on either:
a) A surface that you can flip onto the cooking surface, or,
b) A tray that you’re actually going to cook the bacon on (if you’re putting it in the oven). You really don’t want to pick these suckers up because you will munt it to the point of a restart!

So as you can see here I laid half the strips I wanted to use side by side, then wove from the middle working out. I found it easier to flip over the other strips of bacon, rather than trying to thread the opposite direction strip through.

After asking Josh, “Have you ever cooked the rind by itself?” and receiving a scoff, and a promise to write that down as a bloopers quote, he decided to make a rind weave as well.

Here’s the cooking stages. We had the BBQ ridiculously hot and cooked it with the lid down to try and crisp up the bacon as much as possible – much like you would cook crackle. This worked splendidly for the rind (except that we managed to burn the hell out of it) but not as well for the bacon.


The problem we had with the bacon was actually lifting it off the hotplate. The bacon stuck to the grill (we thought the last meal’s grease was enough to stop it sticking, alas we only got the flavour), but not to itself. The rind had enough fat to stick the strips to each other, but the bacon didn't.

Josh and I both found that we enjoyed the rind better than the actual bacon weave. This might have been because we ate the rind pre devouring a whole pizza, and the bacon was not seasoned by the flavour of ravenous hunger. However, I suspect it was more to do with the fact that it was crunchy and crackled really well.

Deliciousness wise I give the bacon weave 4 pudgy thumbs in the pie. Bacon based foods automatically get a boost to level 3 (unfortunately that attracts the n00bs. *Hey no nerd jokes here!*). The weave upgrades the bacon:egg ratio to a level that everyone wishes it could always be and that alone gives it the remaining thumb. To award 5 would require the proverbial party in ones mouth, and really it’s a bit simplistic for that.

Unfortunately my Fatties, the lazy metre is reading a dramatic 4 effort points (5 practically requires sweating, and 1 you can basically prepare from the couch). The whole weaving situation racks the prep time and effort up something chronic, and the fiddly operation of getting it off the BBQ in one piece is a pain in the arse. If you were searching for a low effort, quick meal as opposed to superior bacon crisp and coverage then this may not be the bacon method for you.

Thanks for reading my first post, drop in sometime soon and I might have been bothered to churn out another Fat Boy Food review while you were gone. (But seriously guys, the lazy metre jumps off the charts when writing these things).

To send you off here is a picture of us dipping the bacon in a 3kg tub of Nutella (envious? With our help you can do this too!) Already tempting a heart attack wasn’t extreme enough for one night, but the result was actually delicious.

Bacon Bacon weave nutella

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Bacon Bacon weave nutella