Aunt Flow's Cotton Pony Gift Pack

Aunt Flow's Cotton Pony Gift Pack

When Aunt Flow comes to town she is rarely the kindest of visitors -the difficult friend that is a relief to catch up with... for about 5 minutes. Then you remember that she is oblivious to social cues; she hangs around for far too long, makes you cranky, and becomes a literal pain in the gut. Your uterus is throwing a temper tantrum, and we feel the pain.

Finally, we have the answer! Introducing Aunt Flow's Cotton Pony Gift Pack from Fat Boy Food with almost everything a girl needs to survive those few days of sheer agony.

Partners & besties, wait for the right moment, place this on the table... And slowly back away.

Aunt Flow's Cotton Pony Gift Pack includes:

  • Kettle Sea Salt & Vinegar 90g Chips
  • Poppin Butter Pop Corn
  • Chick flick of your (her) choice
  • Naprogesic
  • Moxie Slenders regular pads
  • Moxie regular tampons in two purse worthy tins
  • Chocolate Tim Tams
  • Betty Crocker milk chocolate frosting (to be eaten straight from the tin)
  • Cadbury Drinking Chocolate
  • Cadbury 350g glass and a half Milk Chocolate
  • Peppermint or Camomile Tea
  • 400g or 3kg Nutella
  • Oreos

 During the Month of June $10 from every purchase will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation