Allens Minties 1kg bag
Allens Minties 1kg bag

Allens Minties 1kg bag

Sweet sweet minties, an Australian staple food. There isn't a single house you couldn't find a bag of Minties in!

Sweet mint, chewy and strangely addictive with the odd comics for "It's moments like these you need minties"

Beware in cold weather as they can shatter, but also beware in hot weather because if you drop them there's no way you're going to get that white stain off your pants (or carpet). We all love Minties, they're kind of like a different version of a fantale that doesn't get stuck in your teeth as much.

Pro tip from the Fat Boy: Keep these on hand if you're having a lady, or man friend over for a movie or invite them up for 'coffee'. They will allow you to maintain good breath without making it overly clear what your real inentions are.