Arnott's Wagon Wheel 16 pack of 48grams (almost king sized)

In Guyana they snack on stuffed Iguana because they don't have Wagon Wheels. Which would you prefer? Fortunately we don't sell Stuffed, or even non stuffed Iguana (yet). So you'll have to settle for the Wagon Wheel.

Originally produced by George Weston's Foods until August 2003 the company was then bought out by Arnotts. Not much has changed aside from perhaps a diminished serving size. They're still just as delicious as ever and make a great winter treat, or summer when kept in the fridge. Nothing beats the biscuit, jam, cream and chocolate combo.

Please note we take no responsibility for melted, or off coloured chocolate transported in the Australian summer months. Blame your country of residence for that one (or Tim Bailey).

For now, please enjoy the classic Weston's Wagon Wheel advertisement.