Crown Headmaster Schooner

Have a look at our new Bachelor Pint Pack!

When a real man goes to the pub he expects to be served beer, not in a plastic schooner, but in nothing less than a Crown Headmaster schooner!

Those that truly appreciate beer drink from Headmaster schooners.

When a man turns from the bar with a tray full of beer in Headmaster schooners he will part the crowd like Moses did the red sea. There is something in the glass that demands others' respect. Not just any respect; it's the respect of your fellow beer loving patrons that will make them step aside for you to pass without spilling so much as a drop of beer.

Now this schooner is available for your home. So part the couch potatoes and rest your ass in the prime position to enjoy your beer whilst watching the cricket or footy.

Buy them for $5 each or a 6 pack for $25; a worthwhile investment for any Australian. Be true to your heritage and drink beer the way it should be drunk!