Fruit Tingles Life Savers 36 pack display box with 34 gram servings

Remember Merrick & Rosso's Tight ass Tuesday's on Triple J?

No? Well it was a Tuesday segment that was on as soon as one would arrive home from School on a Tuesday afternoon in the mid-late 90's. One listener's used to go on annual road trips to the Gold coast for school holidays as their father was too tight to pay for the Ansett Airlines flight up there from Sydney.

Unfortunately on this hot Summer weekend just prior to the 1994 Eastern Seaboard Fires this family of five were cruising (almost stuck on the F3's Big Dipper) up the Pacific Highway in an old 1992 Toyota Camry. Their father was too much of a tight ass to get the air con fixed prior to making the trip so their poor children were in the back playing 'who can suck on the fruit tingle the longest before crunching it'. This was dad's method of keeping the little sweaty suckers quiet. The worst part of it all -He only purchased 5 life saver rolls for the whole trip!

By all means leave the air con in a state of disarray. But please, wont' somebody think of the children! Get those little kids something real to suck on -and a lot of it! The kids can suck on these until they have holes in the middle of each these fruity, tingling, multicoloured life savers and probably make it as far as Sydney to Perth. Just do the right thing and buy this 1.2kg pack for the kids!