Nutella 3kg tub Italian import from Italy

by Nutella

Our Nutella is the original Italian imported stock.

With this 3kg of Nutella we dub it the ultimate break up recovery tool.

Other uses may include:

-Valentines present, what more would you lover want than 3kg of hazelnut chocolate spread?
-Anniversary present, a unique gift like this is a great way to show your lover that you know their favourite spread
-Kinky play in the bedroom (we strongly advise against using your favourite bed sheets, this is an extremely messy activity)
-Nutella pizza, yes this stuff is AMAZING! Marshmallow, banana, strawberries & honeycomb are all great toppings.
-Your private stash for a 'rainy day', best kept tightly sealed in the bottom of your bedroom closet.
-Unique Christmas gift
-Bribery, may not work for speeding tickets
-Need to fatten up? 3kg of Nutella will help increase the size for your ass

In need of a last minute present? Get a big 3kg tub of Nutella delivered within Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Melbourne or Brisbane metros within 1-3 business days. Other areas may take longer.

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