Nutella 3kg Valentines gift pack with love heart confetti
Nutella 3kg Valentines gift pack with love heart confetti
Nutella 3kg Valentines gift pack with love heart confetti
Nutella 3kg Valentines gift pack with love heart confetti

Nutella 3kg Valentines gift pack with love heart confetti

Trying to work out what to get your lover for valentines? Get a 3kg tub of Nutella plus a confetti launcher delivered within Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Melbourne or Brisbane metros within 1-3 business days. Other areas may take longer.

A romantic $69 includes a single 3kg tub of Nutella and a 30cm heart shaped confetti launcher that at it's climax, can shoot up to 8 metres.

Tips for confetti use:

1. Hide the massive 3kg Nutella jar around the corner of the room your partner is in and remove plastic wrapping from confetti launcher.
2. Walk in freshly showered wearing just a towel with the confetti launcher hidden behind your back
3. Drop towel and launch confetti whilst keeping the launcher away from your man/lady parts*
4. Whilst your partner is observing the shimmering hearts falling through the air quickly pick up your 3kg jar of Nutella and hold it in a seductive pose (Men: Perform 'The Windmill' aka 'The Helicopter' with your primary hand whilst holding the jar beside you with your other. This will send your woman crazy with lust for you**)
5. Make love on a nearby shag rug surrounded by heart shaped confetti. Feel free to include the Nutella, just keep it off the rug and away from anywhere it really shouldn't go otherwise you could end up with a dirty rug and/or an embarrassing visit to the doctors.

Other uses may include:

-Break up recovery tool (if he/she decides to dump you on, or before valentines***),
-Anniversary present, to show your lover that you know their favourite spread
-Kinky play in the bedroom (we strongly advise against using your favourite bed sheets, this is an extremely messy activity)
-Nutella pizza, yes this stuff is AMAZING! Marshmallow, banana, strawberries & honeycomb are all great toppings.
-Your private stash for a 'rainy day', best kept tightly sealed in the bottom of your bedroom closet.
-Bribery, may not work for speeding or parking tickets

*Keep launcher away from your man or lady-parts, accidents can occur and cause permanent damage and pain. We strongly advise researching a safe way of performing this stunt. If there is risk of injury keep clothes on and do not point launcher at your partner, instead point it up and aimed away from people.

**Not really, we just love the idea of you making a fool of yourself. If your partner does enjoy this please seek help from a professional.

***Touch wood. No refunds provided if you get dumped because they don't realise how amazing you are. If they dump you without Nutella they don't deserve you with Nutella!



NOTE: previous 5kg tubs of Nutella have been discontinued and replaced by the 3kg tubs. Same price per KG, simply more of it. Enjoy that smooth Nutella & smear it everywhere!

We DO NOT recommend you eat your Nutella like this man:

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